A hotshot investigative journalist finds himself embroiled in a homicide case. A controversial psychic medium awakens in a strange location suffering from memory loss. Mysteries of Peak Valley 3: The Ruin of Souls takes the player on a gruelling journey through a nefarious conspiracy and tangled webs of illusion where secrets are revealed, mysteries are unravelled and truths shall be questioned. Is this the end or merely the beginning?

Sunny Penguin Games proudly presents the FREEWARE third instalment of its moody ghost drama series, Mysteries of Peak Valley, blending nostalgic point-and-click adventure gaming with modern expectations.

**WARNING** This game contains flashing images.


- full voice acting by a cast of up-and-coming VA talent
- stunning high res graphics designed by EA FIFA 2006's Rebecca Sinclair and Cast Iron Muse's Rob Kengott
- an intense original soundtrack composed and performed by the Canadian musical genius Yuri Lamarche
- original story written by Mike Gillon
- visual novel style reading
- third in series
Available free for Windows and Android OS.


Storyline / Coding / Cutscene Art / Puzzles / SFX / Casting Director / Graphic Design

Mike Gillon

Proofreading / Editor / Tester / SFX

Hal Golczyk

Music Soundtrack

Background Art / Additional Ideas

Character Art / Dialogue Consultant

Rob Kengott


AJ Carter as Zack Gellar

Rob Kengott as Leonard Parks

Kelly A.K.A Sunshine Daisy as the White Lady

I.N. Kengott as Chloe

Devin Clark as Officer Banks

Danica Ó Cabhlacháin as Albert

Danica Ó Cabhlacháin as Xavier Gold

Additional SFX

Additional information:
Platform: Windows / Android
Download Size: Windows: 216 MB / Android: 98 MB
Release Date: 18/08/18
Language: English
Developer/Publisher: Sunny Penguin Games
System Requirements: Windows: (XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10) / Android: (Requires Android 2.3 and up)
PEGI: 16